Anonymous asked: Who the FUCK are you? I swear I never pressed follow but you're on my feed? Did you change your username and icon at the same time?!

shant, but i like avant  oh no not yet, maybe soon 

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queeenexoxo asked: Do you smoke

smoke what?

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Anonymous asked: You should post a pic of your feet :)

lol i’m good

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fromberlintotokyo asked: hi, you have kik?

hey no i don’t, just twitter or facebook

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Anonymous asked: what the hell does 'semi-famous' tumblr blog mean? The stuff you post is weird, some of it's ok, but i'm gonna read between the lines and say your a stoner. I personally can't stand blogs that are all weird gifs and shit. Sorry.

you don’t have to

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newogidieh asked: Danky mcdankerson

lmao thanks

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