Stay High - Avant Lamour

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You know I don’t say much, but when I do, it seems to be the wrong thing.

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Anonymous said: Compliments!!!! I love your works, they are special.... What programs do you use? If I can ask it....

thanks and yeah you can, most of my posts are reblogs, but i use after effects

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Anonymous said: I love to see the real face of the people I follow, they become more real to me. Anyway, i loved your profile picture!

oh that’s cool thanks

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joanofarcticmonkeys said: You're wonderful.

lol i appreciate that thanks

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nina-ellington said: I love your blog. I just had to say.

haha thanks for saying it

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saintofsins said: Just started following you today and I already love your blog, a lot of stuff people can relate to on here. Keep posting! :)

hey that’s cool thanks, appreciate it

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starr2001 said: Are u single

haha ya

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Milky Way | (by Carlos Maxwell)